Celebrity Images Bloopers

Any guy would be a hypocrite to say that they don’t like seeing celebrity images that are half naked or even better totally naked! I have to admit I do enjoy seeing actress nude pictures such as Latina hotties Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes. The naughty girl next door image of Tara Reid, Mila Kunis and Elisha Cuthbert just makes me want to skip school and get it on with them. There are also the hot pics of wholesome teens turned into slutty ladies Brittney Spears and Lindsey Lohan who I would like to spank with for being a bad girl. I even made a slideshow of actress nude pictures in my laptop, which I use at home as a sleeping gadget. Instead of counting sheep, I count nude celebrities images…LOL. It always work and give me a morning wood.
We had a project in college before where we need to present and explain the evolution of man. Since I have a laptop, my friends asked me to be in charge of the slideshow so I took some photos of that: from the Dryopithecus to the Homo Sapiens. When we were done with the project, we had a few drinks before the day of the presentation. I was still buzzed when we presented the project to the whole class and instead the ones I showed were my collection of naked celebrity images. My friends all said WTF! and the whole class started to laugh at us and our teacher got mad saying that we always make a big joke of the class. That was the biggest blooper I had made and that made guys tease me all the time and girls avoid me thinking I was a freak. After that, I started to delete all of those nude pictures and focus more in school. I was glad that my teacher didn’t tell my parents about it and gave me another chance to make it up.

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