Celebrity Nude Photos Brought Out My Talent

celebrity nude photosI never thought that I would be a great photographer, but I guess all the celebrity nude photos inspired me to become one. Taking pictures was just a hobby for me before, but I started taking pics of hot chicks when I saw the celebrity nudity pictures of Scarlett Johanssen, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian and Catherin Zeta-Jones. The celebrity nude photos were all done in good taste.

This made me want to put up my own celebrity nude gallery, but I am sure these stars won’t ever consider me taking their nude photos since I am not famous yet. My friend showed me fake celebrity nudity pictures and I really thought that they were real. This gave me a bright idea! I decided to look for women who look like the real celebs. Most of the girls I found were porn stars and they already came out in sex videos pretending to be the celebrity.

celebrity nude photosEvery man’s fantasy would come true because of me. I had the look alike of Selena Gomez posing nude inside a locker room. I also got Taylor Swift wannabe wearing nothing but just a guitar covering her. There is also a cool scene of Kristen Stewart look alike posing nude on top of the mountain showing the full moon on the background. I have to go on location to get that perfect shot. What’s great about shooting celebs look alike is that I also get to fuck them. LOL. Damn, it turns me on more seeing my fave celeb’s face sucking my cock.

I was really excited for my celebrity nude gallery hoping people would like it. I was surprised that it became a big hit and I also got nice feedbacks from some of the real celebs. I just wish I can shoot them next time and maybe fuck them too. LOL.

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