Hot Celebrity Peekaboo

I really like the thrill of being teased rather than seeing it all out. Just like babies playing peekaboo with their moms. You can see them giggle and laugh because they are surprised with what they see. I also got my own hot celebrity peekaboo which features nipple slip pictures and pics of her up-skirts. It drives my wild imagination every time I see my fave celeb showing nipple slip pictures because it makes me wonder what’s beneath that and ends up craving for more. I would like to take off her clothes and see more than just that hard nipples, but the mere fact that you can’t is what makes it exciting.
Female nude pictures really don’t turn me on that much because the package is already undone. I prefer to be the one slowly removing the wrapper from my gift. Or in other words, removing the clothes from a hot celebrity. I know it sounds weird because most men prefer having female nude pictures posted in their room, but I really prefer peekaboo pics of these hot ladies. They want it the easy way and see hot women all naked in their bed so they can just fuck the hell out of them. But I always find satisfaction into getting something that is hard to get. Maybe that is why I still don’t have a girlfriend because I always get tired once a girl gives in to fucking me. I prefer having her tease me and then leave me. I really love all the foreplay because it makes me want to pursue her more. But once we get into all the action, I do enjoy it, of course, but I lose interest in her after that. It is like having a taste of the cake and I am full of it. Sounds mean, but I want to taste different kinds of cake. LOL.

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